Moira, Katrina Aquilina & Profs Victor Grech during the event

A Successful Charity Event

The 19th of February 2016 will perhaps go down in the books of history of Beating Hearts Malta as the first charity event on a large scale organized by BHM was a success indeed!! The success wasn’t only for the massive attendance we had for the event, but most importantly that our goal to reach […]

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Barts heart Centre

Barts Heart Centre

A percentage of patients with congenital heart disease might need specialist operations in adulthood. The vast majority of these operations is carried out by the surgical team based at the Barts Heart Centre in East London. Barts Heart Centre – UK’s largest heart centre Barts Heart Centre is a brand new hospital, which was purpose-built

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First Goal Reached! A big thank you to all those who helped make this possible

The first fund raising drive for Beating Hearts Malta (BHM) in 2015 has helped to fund the purchase of a new echocardiography probe at Mater Dei Hospital. This probe is better designed to perform ultrasound examinations of the heart in unborn babies, in pregnant mothers who are suspected to be carrying a child with a

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Maratona bir-Roti 2014

Beating Hearts Malta supports the excellent initiative of Maratona bir-Roti 2014 organised by the Lyceum for Boys in Hamrun – Kullegg San Gorg Preca.  This year and over the coming years they shall be fundraising for the purchase of AEDs in schools.  Originally, applications were open only to Government and Church schools, however following an

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