Before Going to GOSH

Follow you cardiac specialist’s advice and practically most of the planning is well taken care of.

Once you receive an appointment for your child’s surgery someone will contact you from Mater Dei to organise your flights.  Flights are generally booked for the patient and one adult but inform hospital staff if another parent will be travelling and if siblings will be joining.  Mater Dei hospital staff will be able to reserve flight tickets for all persons travelling with the patient.  In most cases the flight ticket of the patient and one of the parents will be paid by the Government.  Recently there has been discussion that the flights for both parents will be included however, the flight costs of siblings will have to be paid by the family.


Its best to inform the Malta hospital staff if you plan to travel for your child’s surgery and taking siblings with you.  For the most part accommodation is mainly provided for the parents only.  Speak to us about this and we may give you some tips.  When you get to GOSH the nurses will direct you to accommodation services who normally provide comfortable accommodation.  Be ready to move from one accommodation to another depending on whether the child is still an out-patient, in ICU or recovering.   Moving from one residence to another could be stressful so be sure to have the right type of luggage and don’t over pack.

  1. Out-patient  : When you arrive you will generally be given out patient accommodation for the parents and sick child.  This will be temporary until your child is admitted to surgery.
  2. Intensive Care : Should your child have to be admitted to intensive care then accommodation is provided for both parents until such time as the patient is released from Intensive Care.
  3. In patient recovery :  Whilst the patient is recovering in hospital, accommodation is provided for one parent in the hospital to be with the patient however, accommodation for the other parent is not guaranteed.
  4. Discharge : Once the patient is discharged and depending on the type of surgery and aftercare required you might be asked to remain in London for a few more days.  Accommodation is provided for the parents and patient during this time.

What to take with you

Both the accommodation provided and hospital are equipped with bed linen and towels so save space in your suitcase for other more important items such as:

For the Patient:

  1. Pyjamas’ and dressing gown;
  2. Slippers;
  3. Favourite toys;
  4. Some clothes for when the patient leaves hospital.  You will most likely have to spend a few days in London following discharge from hospital.  Use this time to get around places such as parks;
  5. Soft sponge.  Bath time after surgery could be delicate. Could be useful to have a soft sponge handy to use on the patient.

Milk and baby food and even nappies are provided by the hospital.

For the parent:

  1.  Comfortable clothing such as track suit and pyjamas;
  2. Slippers;
  3. Separate toiletries (best to pack a separate set one for the accommodation and the other for use in hospital);
  4. A hand luggage (useful to take clothes from the accommodation to hospital);
  5. Mobile charger (Your mobile phone could be useful in hospital);

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