Travel Support Scheme

This year (2022) marks the 10th anniversary of Beating Hearts Malta (BHM). We want to mark this milestone by launching a new initiative that aims to provide material support to patients, both children and adults, who need to travel to a foreign cardiac centre for specialist surgery or intervention not available locally. This also comes in the wake of the additional strain and financial burden that COVID-19 has brought about on patients and their families who have to travel overseas for surgery – possibly having to prolong their stays in view of quarantine regulations.   Also, COVID-19 has brought along many financial issues for some and therefore we think it is only fair to offer our assistance.  

To this end, Beating Hearts Malta shall be allocating a fund aimed at providing eligible patients and their families with financial support when travelling to an overseas specialist cardiac center.

Eligible patients are patients of any age who are to travel to an overseas center for the purpose of undergoing specialist cardiac surgery, non-surgical cardiac interventions or other cardiac procedures. Eligible patients, including members of their immediate family accompanying them are entitled to apply for a grant from the fund. The fund has allocated a fixed sum to be paid out as a grant to each eligible patient.  The fund has limited resources; accordingly, grants will only be allocated and paid out until the funds last.  Allocations will be made on a first come first served basis and Beating Hearts Malta may require such documentation to accompany the application for a grant as it may consider appropriate to verify the bona fide nature of the application.

Applicants must contact Beating Hearts Malta on the contact details below only after they have received confirmation of travel dates and after arrangements have been completed from the Treatment Abroad office. Beating Hearts Malta would need a confirmation letter or email from the Treatment Abroad office with the details of the patient and travel plans.

Beating Hearts Malta will pay out the funds of the grant directly to the patient either prior to departure for surgery/intervention or upon arrival at destination.  This will depend on the time frame within which the patient travels for his/her procedure from when Beating Hearts Malta is first contacted.

To apply please fill in the form below or you can contact us for more information.