Signs & Symptoms

These are related to the type and severity of the heart defect. Symptoms are frequently present early in life, but it’s possible for some CHDs to go undetected throughout life. Some children have no signs while others may exhibit shortness of breath, cyanosis, heart murmur, under-developing of limbs and muscles, poor feeding or growth, or respiratory infections.

Congenital heart defects caused by abnormal heart structure, may produce certain sounds called heart murmur. These can sometimes be detected by auscultation; however, not all heart murmurs are caused by congenital heart defects.

Low Oxygen saturation within the blood supply is a symptom many times present from birth. Nowadays, hospitals check new borns’ oxygen level with a non-invasive simple test called Pulse Oximetry Screening. This simple test can save many newborns lives since it will detect low oxygen levels familiar with many newborns born with CHD.