First Goal Reached! A big thank you to all those who helped make this possible

The first fund raising drive for Beating Hearts Malta (BHM) in 2015 has helped to fund the purchase of a new echocardiography probe at Mater Dei Hospital. This probe is better designed to perform ultrasound examinations of the heart in unborn babies, in pregnant mothers who are suspected to be carrying a child with a congenital heart condition.

Knowing beforehand allows both the team at Mater Dei hospital and the baby’s family to be alerted and prepared for any urgent interventions that may be required. 

This probe, C5-1 PureWave curved array transducer for the IE33, was purchased through a joint initiative with the cost jointly shared between BHM and the Health Division. Having achieved this first goal, BHM is now working on an even bigger target of raising €50,000 towards the purchase of a new echocardiography machine for the Cardiology Department at Mater Dei Hospital.

Echocardiography – which refers to an ultrasound examination of the heart – is a routine investigation and follow up tool in cardiology, for patients of all ages. The Echocardiography Department at Mater Dei Hospital runs four simultaneous echocardiography lists that last into the afternoon. The Cardiac Lab at Mater Dei has been using three very specialised machines, two of which are now 10 years old. It would greatly help to have another machine to meet demand.  These echocardiography machines (worth circa €100k) are used for both adult and babies born with CHD.  However the issue is far more sensitive with babies, as this critical information is often the deciding factor as to how quick a patient is diagnosed and perhaps even sent overseas for treatment.

Once again BHM has managed to secure commitment from the Health dept that should we manage to achieve this goal, Government will foot the bill for the balance of the funds to purchase this new machine.  

Once again I would like to thank you for the support and generous donations given to this foundation. A special thanks goes to the following entities:

  1. Are You Being Served – through the flash mob at The Point;
  2. Air Malta staff;
  3. Costa Coffee;
  4. Esprit
  5. The Make-up Store;
  6. United Colors of Benetton;
  7. Junior’s;
  8. PHBS Malta;
  9. Josies Bathroom Centre;
  10. Camilleri Preziosi Advocates;
  11. Bay Street Shopping Complex;
  12. The Point Shopping Mall; and
  13. The British Cardiac Association.


Prof Victor Grech

Consultant Paediatrician (Cardiology)