Maratona bir-Roti 2014

Beating Hearts Malta supports the excellent initiative of Maratona bir-Roti 2014 organised by the Lyceum for Boys in Hamrun – Kullegg San Gorg Preca.  This year and over the coming years they shall be fundraising for the purchase of AEDs in schools.  Originally, applications were open only to Government and Church schools, however following an overwhelming response during the launch of the event in Valletta on the 5th February 2014, they have decided to extend the offer to Independent schools as well.

This is a great initiative which is beneficial not only to members of Beating Hearts Malta (BHM) but also to the general public.  As a heart association for parents and children born with CHD, Beating Hearts Malta has decided to collaborate with this initiative because we believe that it would be beneficial to have such equipment in place should the need arise – it could save a person’s life.

The members of our association i.e. patients with CHDs are not at a higher risk of needing such equipment however, our members as well as the general public stand to bebefit from this initiative.  The equipment can be used on anyone who needs defibrillation at any point in time and it can make the difference between life and death.   Click here to go to the facebook page of Maratona Bir-Roti 2014.