painting oil on canvas by Prof Victor Grech

Profs Grech Donates Paintings to BHM

In June 2018, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist and  Beating Hearts Chairman, Prof. Victor Grech donated 150 paintings to the Association for the purpose of fundraising. These paintings depicted Maltese landscapes and seascapes. The medium used was oil on canvas with a painting knife. 

Over the Summer 4 exhibitions in 3 five star hotels in Malta as well as the Mediterranean Conference Centre and another 3 exhibitions in 3 locations overseas, namely London, Brussels and Australia. In less than 4 months, nearly all the paintings were sold generating an income of over €25,000.  The events were also linked to the Valletta 2018 program.

These funds were used to order a portable echocardiography machine for Mater Dei Hospital.