Painting by Prof Grech. Three boats on blue water with yellow and red sky

“WOOW” Water Oils on Wine

Profs Victor Grech has launched an innovative fund raising campaign called “WOOW” Water Oils on Wine, a collection of paintings and works of art.

WOOW consists of 25 wine boxes of which the top of the box has been painted by Prof Victor Grech. Each box painting is unique. Each box contains 2 or 3 boxes of fine wine. This makes these wine boxes an original gift for both the wine and art lover!

All funds collected will go to the Missionary Movement “Jesus is Thy Neighbour” and Beating Hearts Malta. The contribution to Beating Hearts Malta will be of € 500.

Paintings can be seen at Vini e Capricci in Xewkija, Gozo – www.viniecapricci.comThey can also be viewed and purchased online at 

There are 25 boxes in all and some have been sold already. So hurry and click on the link above to purchase yours!

waves painting blues waves with purple and orange background
Waves by Prof. Victor Grech