Oxygen concentrator

Beating Hearts Malta collaborates with Save & Support Trust

Beating Hearts Malta is proud to announce that it is collaborating with the Save and Support Trust to raise funds for Oxygen Concentrators. We are living in unprecedented times and it has never been more urgent to support our health care system.

Save and Support Trust is raising funds to purchase 45 Oxygen concentrators for Covid-19 patients at a cost of €35,000 to be provided to Mater Dei Hospital to urgently assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

An oxygen concentrator (similar to the one in the picture below) is a device that provides oxygen to a patient in concentrations that are higher than those available in the air. In essence, an oxygen concentrator is a device that helps COVID-19 patients breathe before they need to be on or after they are off the ventilator.

Beating Hearts Malta will be donating € 9300.00 to Save & Support Trust to buy 12 of these oxygen concentrators. Please help us achieve the target sum by donating to this just cause. Any funds raised in excess will be utilised to buy and donate related equipment to Mater Dei Hospital to overcome this pandemic.