November 2019 bursaries award group photo

Award of Bursaries

The first bursaries for 2019 sponsored by Beating Hearts Malta have been awarded to the healthcare professionals  that had applied for them. BHM is glad to announce that all the funds allocated for the bursaries have been awarded.

A group of young doctors will be attending specialised training and conferences on adult and paediatric cardiology over the next few months to help improve the quality of care delivered to adults and children born with congenital heart disease.

The bursaries, sponsored by NGO Beating Hearts Malta (BHM), will enable the doctors to attend international congresses, courses and conferences in paediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery.

“The bursaries will help the doctors keep abreast with the latest evidence on the treatment of heart conditions in both children and adults which in turn translates into better care for the local patients,” consultant cardiologist Maryanne Caruana told Times of Malta.

“By investing in the younger generations of doctors and other healthcare professionals, Beating Hearts Malta aims to help improve the quality of care delivered to adults and children born with congenital heart disease,” she added.

Beating Hearts Malta is an independent non-profit foundation founded in December 2011.

Its main objective at the outset was to provide support and encouragement for all adults and children with congenital heart disease as well as their partners and families through sharing personal experience and knowledge.

Over the years, the NGO has purchased specialised medical equipment needed for the diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease patients and patients with other heart disease who are receiving care at Mater Dei Hospital.

Beating Hearts Malta has funded a foetal echocardiography probe, two echocardiography machines and a cardiopulmonary exercise test machine.

The bursaries, which represent another step, are being made available to doctors, nurses, radiographers and ECG and echocardiography technicians.

The first set were presented to six junior doctors by Dr Caruana, a BHM Trustee, and BHM president Prof. Victor Grech.

The doctors are Jeremy Fleri Soler, Sara Xuereb, Annelise Aquilina, David Sladden, Justine Swain and Jamie Grech.

This news is also featured in Times of Malta